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Polish folk group the White Eagle Band
Victoria, BC.

The White Eagle Band was founded in 2005 by Richard Rudzki, the current band manager and cello player.  His intention was to promote Polish culture in Victoria and further in Canada and USA. He was joined by a group of music enthusiasts of Polish extraction to meet regularly at the Polish Hall in Victoria and practice playing and singing Polish songs. Their hard work is now paying off and their performances not only entertain people in Victoria and on Vancouver Island but also in Vancouver and Seattle.
Currently the band has 15 members: 6 instrumentalists and a 9 person choir.
Margaret Dzbik a professional classical violinist is the artistic director of the band.
All members of the band wear on stage traditional Polish folk costumes to visually complement the traditional tunes.

The White Eagle Band on stage in Polish Hall in Seattle (more...)


The band has 5 programmes in its repertoire:

Band members:

  • Małgosia Dzbik (violin)
  • Natalia Dzbik (2nd violin)
  • Witek Szczurek (guitar)
  • Rysiek Rudzki (cello)
  • Jarek Odrowski (bass)
  • Janusz Pawlak (accordion)
  • Adela Kołodziejczyk (vocal)
  • Janusz Tokarski (vocal)
  • Heniek Benc (vocal)
  • Ania Benc (vocal)
  • Asia Wojda (vocal)
  • Ania Laventic (vocal)
  • Kamila Marczyk (vocal)
  • Genia Marczewska (vocal)
  • Zosia Szczurek (vocal)
  • Czarek Dura (sound)


Contact: Ryszard Rudzki ph: 250-727-1917, Email: rp.rudzki@shaw.ca